Article Analysis – Social Media and Politics and Government

Social Media use in Politics

In my analysis of the Obama Campaign I deduced a lot about the impacts of social media on his success in the campaign.

The Obama campaign reached 5 million supporters on 15 different social Networks over the course of campaign season; by November 2008, Obama had approximately 2.5 million (some sources say as many as 3.2 million) Facebook supporters, 115,000 Twitter followers, and 50 million viewers of his YouTube channel.

This campaign technique had a lot of implications both social and ethical.


Easier to spread information faster to the people and respond with views on certain arising issues.

Voters get the opportunity to interact with the person they intend to vote for and probe for more information by asking different questions.

The candidate can gain international support and personally answer individuals.


Lies and propaganda can be easily spread.

People can impersonate the presidential candidate on various social media platforms, so there is a need for verification. e.g a white tick in a blue box

The digital divide issue comes up here because most of the elderly , and the poor, who don’t have access to internet use do not get the hands-on interaction with the candidate as the others.